Foundation of the company Vital-Fleisch GmbH by the two shareholders Hermann Withake and Carl Vogler.


Construction of new buildings in Speyer – The continuous growth forces the company to move to a newly built and larger headquarters in Speyer.


Acquisition of Carl Vogler’s shares – Hermann Withake is now the sole shareholder.


Neubau der gesamten Zerlege Anlage – Mit dem Unternehmen Stork MPS wurde eine Pace-Bone Zerlegelinie abgestimmt und installiert.


Expansion of a freezing facility and expansion of the disassembly plants – The freezing facility with shock freezers has a capacity of 1200 pallet spaces.


Fully automated crate cleaning and storage – The company Kainz installs a crate cleaning system with a capacity of 800 crates per hour.


New construction and remodeling of the social rooms – The changing rooms are renovated and enlarged. The canteen/break room is newly built and redesigned.


Company expansion – The Leine-Fleisch slaughterhouse in Laatzen is acquired with a capacity of 12,500-13,000 pigs weekly.


In September, Vital-Fleisch GmbH takes over all employees of the disassembly team and thus terminates all existing outsourcing contracts. From now on, the team consists of over 140 employees.


The company enters the organic market and enters into an exclusive contract with the Portuguese company GoOrganic. Free-range organic pigs of the Iberico and Duroc breeds are sourced from there year-round.